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T•Sight 5000

T•SIGHT 5000 is one of the MERMEC Group flagship products being the most advanced and accurate measurement and inspection system dedicated to tunnels and infrastructure's clearance available on the market.

Mounted to the front of a train, the T•SIGHT 5000 system performs an in-depth inspection and analysis of tunnels and clearance profiles on railways, capturing image data of bridges, underpasses, poles, walls, tree branches, and other obstacles that may hinder the safe transport of rail passengers and cargo.

Better still, once image data are captured, the system can visually recreate 3-D images of the railway infrastructure. This allows clearance measurements and surface conditions of features - such as possible cracks in tunnel walls - to be analyzed offline, eliminating the need for manual inspectors to walk the tracks and in turn speeding up data collection.

Tunnel Inspection T-Sight 5000

5 Million points/sec measured
100 Mpixel/sec data images acquired
2760 laser emitters
High speed digital cameras

Before data can be captured from these systems, the field of view (FOV) surrounding the train track must first be properly illuminated. The T•SIGHT 5000 system uses an array of 60 multibeam laser diodes that are mounted on the circumference of the system so it can perform equally well in any lighting conditions without interfering with the train operator’s view.


High Speed Railways High Speed Main & Regional Railways Main & Regional Mass Transit & Light Railways Mass Transit & Light Heavy-Haul Railways Heavy-Haul

Product Family Tunnel & Clearance
Technology › Clearance gauge measurement: optical, no-contact
› Tunnel wall inspection: machine vision
Measuring Speed 0 ÷ 200 km/h (0 to 125 mph)
Operating temp. -15° ÷ 50°C (5° to 122°F)
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Clearance gauge acquisition
Clearance gauge acquisition
T•Sight 5000 on ROGER 1000 SBB
T•Sight 5000 on ROGER 1000 SBB
T•Sight 5000 on ROGER 1000 SBB
T•Sight 5000 on ROGER 1000 SBB
T•Sight 5000 on CARONTE
T•Sight 5000 on CARONTE


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