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MERMEC at a glance

Global leader and technology innovator specialized in the design and development of end-to-end measurement, signalling and asset management solutions for railways and rapid transits worldwide

MERMEC is a member of the Angelo Investments Group which operates in different hi-tech sectors through companies such as Blackshape (Aviation) and Sitael (Aerospace), Dreamslair (Cloud Computing).

Founded as a joint-stock company in 1988, MERMEC completed a series of acquisitions in Italy, France and the United States during the first half of 2008. These led to the creation of an international corporation with offices and premises in 14 countries (USA, Spain, France, UK, Switzerland, Norway, Italy, Macedonia, Morocco, Turkey, India, South Korea, China, Australia).

With a unique product portfolio of measurement systems and vehicles, decision support tools and automatic train protection technology, MERMEC helps world railways and rapid transits run safe, efficient and reliable networks; while always assuring that their passengers or goods enjoy superior service and a pleasant journey wherever they go.

MERMEC international offices

Via Oberdan, 70
70043 Monopoli, ITALY
T +39 080 9171
F +39 080 9171 112
All locations

MERMEC Platinum sponsor at WCRR 2016