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In all steel industry sectors the application of optoelectronic measuring systems has greatly improved and led to a generation of stable and reliable machines. Nowadays, rolling mills and forges can take full advantage of dimensional controls by implementing non-contact and automated diagnostics systems.

The MERMEC's Steel&Industrial Business Unit, formerly Tecnogamma, offers a complete range of measuring solutions for steel industry applications: hot and cold inspection systems for the comprehensive dimensional measurement of hot rolled long products with complex profile, seamless rolled rings and monoblock wheels, open die forgings such as forged bars and large forgings.

A wide range of accurate and reliable automated measuring systems, based on laser technologies, for the non contact comprehensive dimensional measurement and analysis of hot or cold worked pieces according to use in the working phase or in the finished products quality checks.
Operators are provided with a comprehensive set of measures highlighting the piece geometry and shape defects.
Hot Rolled Long Products Seamless Rolled Rings Monoblock Wheels
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3d Portal

Innovative measuring system, based on phase-shift ranging, for the automatic and remote 3D survey and dimensional check of large open-die forgings.

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Industrial Applications

Our cutting-edge optoelectronic and vision technologies can serve any industrial sector where the continuous check of products and processes represents a strategic and complex requirement.

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