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MERMEC Group offers safe, diverse and measurably reliable solutions. Our product portfolio includes automatic train protection systems and trackside equipment, complete with design, testing, installation and project management. All our solutions are fully compatible delivering all the performance that efficient and modern railways demand.

"iCAB" On Board Subsystem

iCAB modular on-board sub-system has been
specifically designed to offer higher levels of
safety, performance and cost saving. Flexible
architecture allows 5 different schemes
implementation (ETCS Level 2, ETCS Level 1,
SCMT, SSC, SCMT/SSC BL3) starting from
a small set of key components.

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"iCAB" Wayside Subsystem

Either linked to interlocking
systems or directly to in line
signals (analog or LED), iCAB
Lineside Electronic Units
(LEUs) reliably control
the in-track ETCS components.

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Hot Box & Hot Wheel
The system is designed
to monitor axle, wheel and
brake temperatures.
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Contributing to ERTMS development

"Associated Member" of the UNISIG Consortium from January 2010.
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A common logo for ERTMS

UNISIG World Class signalling companies now have a brand new logo.
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Signalling Systems Condition Assessment

Operation of a modern and efficient railway demands a high quality network and an accurate
evaluation of the infrastructure assets, including TLC and Signaling networks.
Any defects or anomalies must be assessed and corrected in a timely fashion.

MERMEC Group offers a unique set of systems, vehicles and expertise to carry out
diagnostics of ETCS and GSM-R equipped lines. Read more ›

RFI's "Caronte" Inspection Vehicle
Discover how MERMEC is helping RFI in
checking Signalling and GSM-R systems
and assessing their readiness for
commercial service.